Are we informed about moving head stage lights weight and volume after shipment?
Provides cargo weight and volume after shipment of stage light . If you did not get it, please contact our Customer Service. It's wise both for you and us to understand how shipping fees are calculated. We are able to creatively combine your packages to simplify logistics and cut your shipping costs.

MEGA LED LIGHTING LIMITED successfully adapts to the ever changing market with its fabulous knog blinder lights. This page shows you the controller dmx series. With its properties like wholesale led par light , wholesale led par light occupy a magnificent place in wholesale led par light market. All products have 1 year free warranty. The performance of led strobe lights can be comparable to similar imported materials. The new concept of software technology and structural design makes SNIPER 2R lighting effects amazing.

Our professional team in MEGA LED LIGHTING LIMITED will provide professional service for our customers. Please contact us!
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